• Kamera PTZ Panasonic AW-HR140EJ8

Symbol: AW-HR140EJ8
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Kurier UPS (za pobraniem) 25
Wysyłka ekranu od 250 cm długości (w opakowaniu) za pobraniem 170
Wysyłka ekranu poniżej 250 cm za pobraniem 170
Wysyłka ekranu powyżej 250 cm długości (w opakowaniu) 170
Wysyłka ekranu poniżej 250 cm 170
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Panasonic AW-HR140EJ 3MOS Full-HD PTZ Outdoor Integrated Camera
• Protection IP65
• 1/2.86-type Full-HD 3MOS
• 20x Optical Zoom (Plus 1.4x Digital Extender)
• ND filters (Clear, 1/8, 1/64)
• Including Wiper, Heater and Defroster (optional Washer)
• Salt-resistant paint
• Hybrid Image Stabilizer (mechanical and optical, named DISS)
• Supports1080/50p (2x 3G-SDI outputs)
• Special functions: Intelligent, Haze Reduction, Night Mode)
• Supports PoE++
• IP control and streaming
• Compatibility with existing Panasonic remote systems
The new AW-HR140 is an integrated remote camera system that incorporates an outdoor housing, camera, lens and pantilt head. It is equipped with the same Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and 1/2.86 type full HD 3MOS sensors as the AW-HE130 which results in high sensitivity, high S/N ratio, and high resolution due to its advanced video processing. Flexible operation, tough outdoor environments such as resistance to water, dust, wind pressure, and severe salt damage, as well as hot environments.
The HR140 is equipped with an innovative 1.4x digital extender that can increase the effective focal length of the lens by 40% while delivering smooth, high resolution video.
In addition to the conventional tracking speed (normal) Slow Mode for gently tracking color temperature changes outdoors, and Fast Mode for quick tracking have been added to achieve 3 auto-tracking White Balance modes.
3 Years European Warranty - 5 Business Day Target Turnaround Time

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