• Projektor JVC DLA-RS65

Symbol: DLA-RS65
Kontrast 120000:1
Rozdzielczość natywna (px) 1920 x 1080
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Super High-definition 4K Projection
A newly developed optical engine incorporating
three D-ILA devices and the new e-shift
technology, which shifts one pixel for every 0.5
pixels, are used together to realize super highdefinition
4K-resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixel)
projection. Unlike ordinary resolution-upscaling
technology employed on full HD projectors, 4K
projection with e-shift technology dramatically
improves picture quality by ensuring exceptionally
precise images with ample presence.

Native Contrast Ratio of 120,000:1
As a top-of-the-line D-ILA projector, the
DLA-RS65 delivers ultimate performance in
all aspects of image reproduction, including
the industry’s highest native contrast ratio of
120,000:1*. This extraordinary figure is realised
by reducing unnecessary light leakage from the
optical engine, which is comprised of an original
D-ILA device, wire grid, and other innovatively
developed components/devices.

D-ILA 3D Projection*
JVC's original D-ILA driving method reproduces superlative 3D content with vivid colours and helps
to reduce crosstalk. But best of all, DLA-RS65 is also equipped with other innovative 3D functions.

• 2D-3D Conversion: The real-time 2D-3D converter featured on JVC’s IF-2D3D1 Professional 3D
Image Processor has been modified for home projector use and is now featured on the DLA-RS65.
This means that 2D video recorded on camcorders and from TV broadcasts can be converted into
3D video instantaneously for home stereoscopic viewing enjoyment. Other adjustment functions
are available such as Depth Adjustment for matching 3D effects to the original source or viewer
preferences, and adjustment of subtitle distortion that can be generated during 2D-3D conversion.
*The optional 3D Synchro Emitter and 3D glasses are required to view 3D images.

• Crosstalk Cancelling: The innovative Crosstalk Cancelling function significantly reduces
crosstalk from intensity levels that are likely to generate this phenomenon by first analyzing the video
signal for the left and right eyes and then correcting the levels via an original algorithm. This ensures
the reproduction of more natural and clearer images that are easier on the eyes to heighten the
viewing enjoyment of realistic 3D video content.

Original Viewing Setting and Auto Calibration

When a white wall or indirect lighting in the interior affects the quality of the projected picture, an
improved viewing environment can be created by using JVC exclusive software (free download
from our corporate website) and a commercially available optical sensor to enable everyone
to enjoy a premium level of image reproduction. Colour balance gaps that can occur when the
projector is being used for extended periods of time
are calibrated using an optical sensor and the Autocalibration
Function helps to ensure excellent picture
quality at all times. Customised picture data can also be
transferred to or from the projector via a LAN terminal
with customised settings easily stored into a PC as well.*